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Doberman learning sit stay at Super Genius Dog Classes in Daytona Beach, Florida
Chihuahua in toy breed training at Super Genius Dog Classes in Daytona Beach, Florida
Australian Shepherd learning obedience at Super Genius Dog Classes in Port Orange, Florida
Welcome to Super Genius Dog Classes, Ormond Beach, Florida
Dog obedience training in Daytona Beach, Florida
Super Genius Dog Classes offers obedience dog training in Port Orange, Florida

About Super Genius

"Supported by veterinary endorsement and certified credentials"

Super Genius Dog Classes, Elevate Your Dog's Intelligence, Daytona Beach, Florida

Super Genius Dog Classes is home to Central Florida, with its headquarters based in the beautiful city of Daytona Beach, Florida. For pet owners seeking a comprehensive training program for their canine companions, Super Genius Dog Classes is the ultimate choice.

Our exclusive training program is led by Phoenix, an exceptionally skilled dog trainer with extensive experience and a deep passion for dog training. Phoenix's proven track record has earned high praise from top veterinarians for her remarkable ability to transform dogs of all breeds and ages into well-behaved pets.

You can find Super Genius Dog Classes at select locations in various cities across Florida, making it easy to access our sought-after and very popular group classes. Whether you're seeking puppy classes, basic obedience training, competitive dog sports, or advanced training for specific behaviors, Super Genius Dog Classes provides a comprehensive range of options to meet all your training needs.


Our array of training programs is designed to offer a unique blend of specialized group classes, personalized one-on-one instruction tailored to your dog's specific requirements, and dynamic live video training sessions. These programs are designed to address every aspect of your dog's development and training journey, ensuring a well-rounded and effective approach to behavior modification and skill enhancement.

Choose Super Genius Dog Classes and experience the difference our expert training can make in your dog's behavior and your bond together.

 elevate your dogs behavior, Daytona Beach, Florida
 transform your dogs behavior at Super Genius Dog Classes in Ormond Beach, Florida

Discover why it's important to have your dog handled by a Fear-Free Certified Professional 

Animals are at their best when they feel it ease. Fear-Free offers science – based, behavior – led strategies to prevent and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for pets worldwide. 

 Fear Free Certified Pet Professional, Daytona Beach, Florida

At Super Genius Dog Classes, we prioritize a comprehensive, compassionate and force-free approach to training and pet care. Our training method and techniques are carefully crafted to create a supportive and nurturing environment for your pets development. We collaborate closely with top-tier, highly skilled and experienced veterinarian teams to ensure that your pet receives the highest standard of care across all aspects of their well-being.

Our Fear-Free Certified Professional dog trainers are experts in utilizing Fear-Free techniques that prioritize your pet's emotional well-being. These techniques are integrated into a wide range of our dog training services, including personalized in-clinic training sessions, specialized classes tailored for puppies to establish positive behaviors from an early age, and individualized day-to-day training programs for pets within the familiarity of their own homes. The Fear-Free approach is aimed to provide a well-rounded and tailored experience that meets the unique needs of each pet and their owner. We hope that you will choose a Fear-Free training approach for your dog. 

 Learn More About Our Fear-Free Programs For Your Dog Here

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      Cocoa - Chihuahua 2yrs old - Owner: Nicole C -Port Orange, FL.
                             6 week Private one-on-one Instruction
Advanced Obedience classes & Exercise Wheel Skills Camp Progra

 Toy Breed training, Super Genius Dog Classes in Port Orange, Florida

Small dogs need training

Every small dog can learn basic and advanced training, just like big dogs. It's crucial for their long-term well-being and safety.. "Whether your goal is to have a well-mannered family companion, achieve competition titles, or both, you've found the right dog trainer! Super Genius Dog classes offers exclusive, one- of- a kind toy breed dog training programs designed and led by Phoenix, the founder and trainer of Super Genius Dog Classes, to produce superior results."

Join class today at Super Genius Dog Classes in Daytona Beach, Florida

"The exercise wheel utilized in our toy breed training program is not a product of Super Genius Dog Classes."

 training programs in Daytona Beach, Florida

Designed to enhance your canine companion's behavior, skills, and overall well-being.

 poodle in obedience dog training at Super Genius Dog Classes in Daytona Beach, Florida

Super Genius Dog Classes

"Experience unparalleled results with Super Genius Group Classes! Our exclusive group sessions are designed to help you unlock your dog's full potential."

 learn more Super Genius Dog Classes, Port Orange, Florida
 Behavior Modification dog training Port Orange, Florida

"Our private one-on-one sessions are meticulously tailored to address the unique needs of your dog. By focusing on individualized training plans, we provide personalized attention that targets specific behaviors, learning styles, and temperament."

Private one-on-one Instruction

Learn more about dog obedience training classes in Daytona Beach, Florida
 Toy Breed dog training at Super Genius Dog Classes, Port Orange, Florida

Toy Breed Classes 

"Our programs are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small dogs, focusing on their size, temperament, and behavior. From teaching essential commands to addressing behavioral challenges, This one-of-a-kind program is designed with the specific needs of toy breeds in mind, ensuring they thrive in their training and everyday life."

 learn more about behavior training in Daytona Beach, Florida
 mixed breed dog and puppy classes, Daytona Beach, Florida

Live Video Training Classes

"Overcome the challenges of dog training with our comprehensive live video training program, designed to be accessible anytime and anywhere. This convenient approach allows you to receive expert guidance and support right from the comfort of your home, ensuring consistent and effective training for your dog no matter your schedule or location."

 learn more about potty training for your puppy in Port Orange, Florida
Rottweiler puppy in dog training at Super Genius Dog Classes in Daytona Beach, Florida
Dalmatian in puppy training at Super Genius Dog Classes in Port Orange, Florida
Australian Shepherd in obedience training at Super Genius Dog Classes in Daytona Beach Florida
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