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Our Super Genius Dogs and their owners have plenty to say about their experience with us!
Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied clients:


My wife and I adopted Reese from a shelter in Phoenix Arizona when he was 6 months old. He came into an established pack of two female dogs. The shelter had worked with him some, but his manners needed some improvement. We discovered a food aggression issue early on as he attacked both of his new siblings during regular feeding time. Not having the skills to address the issue, we were given Phoenix's contact info from a friend that highly recommended her based on her history and ability. Come to find out she worked two doors down the street from my business. We introduced Reese to Phoenix and enrolled him in a program targeting the areas of concern. The program lasted several weeks and focused on novice and advanced puppy training, and reverse aggression for food guarding. Turns out we adopted a very smart dog and he was a quick study. Phoenix focused and dedicated to the task. Communication regarding his progress and homework assignments was very detailed and structured to keep all on course for success. Reese graduated with honors and has maintained his skills and ability to continue learning. He is the best well-mannered dog we have owned thanks to Phoenix and the passion she has for her craft. 

                                                 Skill = 5 Stars

                                                 Communication = 5 Stars

                                                 Knowledge = 5 Stars

                                                 Patience with humans = 5 stars

Norm & Carla White 

South Daytona, FL

These testimonials reflect the positive impact our classes have on both dogs and their owners, showcasing the effectiveness and satisfaction that comes with being part of our Super Genius Dog community.

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