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Private One-on-One Instruction

Private one-on-one instruction offers your dog the dedicated attention they require, ensuring a customized training experience. Each session is tailored to focus on your dog's unique personality and learning style, maximizing the effectiveness of the training. This personalized approach is available in multiple formats, each designed to meet your specific goals. Whether you're aiming to address behavioral issues, reinforce basic obedience, or achieve advanced training objectives, this method helps you achieve your desired outcomes efficiently.

In private one-on-one sessions, dogs can receive personalized, hands-on training for behavioral issues such as resource guarding, anxiety, and problem-solving, including behaviors like jumping, digging, and chewing. Furthermore, dogs can also learn competitive obedience in private instruction, such as AKC competitive obedience exercises, and even fun tricks to showcase their intelligence and skills.


Our training programs include:

  • Puppy Pre-K9: Early training to establish fundamental behaviors and socialization skills

  • Basic Obedience: Teaching essential commands and good manners

  • Advanced Obedience: Refining skills and introducing more complex commands

  • Off-Lead Hand Signals: Training your dog to respond to hand signals without the need for a leash

Each level is designed to build on the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive training experience for your dog.

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