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                                          was established in 1990 and is headquartered in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. The school specializes in:
-   Companion Obedience Training
-   Problem Solving
-   Behavior Modification and Therapy
-   AKC Obedience Competition training and handling
-   AKC Conformation training and handling
-   AKC Agility
-   AKC Flyball
-   Do More with your Dog

-   K-9 Narcotic Training
-   Bedbug Detection Training.  
A new innovative unique form of group training was formed and in 2016 Super Genius Dog Classes was born! Super Genius Dog Classes are offered at select locations.  To find a location near you 


I believe in cultivating positive, life-long friendships with dogs using motivational, reward-based training. 

I believe in using scientific learning principles that promote happy humans and happy, healthy dogs. 

I believe that by building a relationship founded on trust and friendship, dogs and their humans can have better adventures together.  


I use reward-based, positive methods that help dog owners resolve behavior problems quickly and effectively. Based on the science of learning and behavior change, these methods are force-free and dog-friendly and take advantage of dogs’ natural motivators (treats, toys, praise, and life rewards) to change behavior rapidly.

Because positive training is based on the way dogs actually learn, communication between you and your dog is easy. Not only will the training experience be fun and successful for you both, but your dog learns fast and the results are lasting. You’ll soon be living with a calm, happy, and attentive dog that willingly offers the behaviors you want. 




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