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Puppy must be between 3.5 months old – 6 months old. (Board and train a 14 day duration)
Dog will be boarded and trained at my home. Includes : Potty training reinforcement “good pee and good poop”, Housebreaking reinforcement, Healthy play and socialization, Name, Come, Sit and Down command, Leash Introduction, Crate Training. Includes 1 follow up session in owners home after one to two weeks after training program completion. Last day requires owners to participate in a training session. After two weeks the service package is complete and any additional sessions needed must be scheduled separately.

To participate in the "Stay with the trainer" program, your puppy must be between 3.5 to months old. This program last for a duration of 14 days, during which your furry friend will undergo a series of meticulously crafted training sessions that are designed to help them become a well-behaved and disciplined companion.

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